TSA and external batteries

Hi all,Do you remember the last time we wrote about being stopped by Airport Security (TSA)?  For those of you who missed it, please check it out here: So I got stopped at #TSA ~ #TravellingTips #TravellingTalesI recently had another opportunity fly and keeping in mind what happened last time, I decided to see what would happen if I took our "Executive" battery along for the ride.On arriving
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So I got stopped at #TSA ~ #TravellingTips #TravellingTales

In my last blog I mentioned that I will be taking two of our own 24Ah batteries with us on a long trip.  Airline policy states that batteries must be below 100WH.  I originally wanted to bring our “Executive” 34.2Ah battery along but it is easily beyond the TSA standards of 100WH and so I decided to take along two 24ah (88Wh) batteries rather that we like to call...The "Boss"Upon
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