Alternative power options when traveling


As we approach summer and the weather makes us want to spend more time outdoors, most of us will have more need for alternative power sources for your devices.  I myself will be taking a short working break, and the just the idea of being stuck up in the air in a flying metal tube for hours on end without my devices powered up the entire time is already giving me electronic withdrawals!  Thankfully, my symptoms are always short-lived, as I already know which battery I will be taking with me on my travels.

If this were a perfect world, I would instantly grab my "CEO" 52.8AH battery, as it would keep my laptop charged the whole trip and maybe even have enough power to charge my iPad, iPhone, Watch plus a few extra's. But we live in different times and because it's so big, it could be considered... ehm...  well, lets just say TSA would not be happy!

So, if I glance through the TSA website briefly, technically only our smaller batteries that we call the "platinum" line are below 100wh and therefore "legal".  Depending on your flight time, this should give you more than enough added time on your devices. 

For me, however, is never enough! I considered taking chance on our "Executive" 34.2AH battery along as we have had a few reported experiences where it has gotten through security just fine.

On the other hand there have been mixed results with security even with the legal sized batteries!  So the plan now is to carry two of "the Boss"24AH batteries.  Crossing fingers!

As the primary laptop that I will be taking with me on my trip will be my Macbook Pro 13",  I can expect to get a total of about 10-12 hours of use from it with one of our "Platinum" batteries. If I apply some power saving tips that can be found on our Twitter or Facebook pages, under #HelpfulHints, I should make it through the trip by the skin of my teeth.

*Shameless plug: I'm glad to be using our very own Genuine Magsafe cables with these that plug directly into our batteries; no special boxes or unreliable converters. Now that's Magic!

Thanks for reading and stay powered up!


P.S. I will be blogging about my trip and experiences - probably in regards to the field of travel and keeping yourself plugged into the office while away, power wise AND data wise so why not share some of your biggest headaches during your travels with me?

P.P.S:  Just want to give a short shout-out to Liesel from Kritzinger Consulting who has recently joined our team (I know my limitations).  You may have noticed our increase on the social media front and she is our lady behind the scenes. She is doing a great job and will be here to fill in the gaps whilst I am between internet connections.

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