Keeping my Dog from Digging - Mikegyver style!

So our new dog LOVES to dig up our yard....

I was obviously getting a tad frustrated with the effect on my beautiful lawn, so in true Mikegyver style...Here's I solved it:

1: Mikegyver Battery-Check
2: The Petsafe indoor transmitter - Check.

3: Sealed container - Check.

For those of you who are not familiar with radio fences, it's a collar that you put on your dog.  If your dog gets too close to a transmitter, it first beeps to let them know they are getting too close.  Then, IF they proceed closer to the transmitter it gives them a very mild shock. Nothing strong enough to harm them in any way but just enough to deter them.

Radio fences are also used to contain dogs in a property when a regular fence is not feasible.

Normally, a transmitter(the saucer looking device) is put inside the house perhaps behind a sofa so that your dog or cat will not jump on the sofa. I

It needs to be plugged into an AC outlet, but because this is outside I simply plugged in our 34.2AH "Executive" External battery into the Transmitter and put it where our dog was digging!

The 34.2AH "Executive" External battery will keep this transmitter powered up for about 40+ hours straight.  Since it draws less power then traditional laptops, you'll get more time out of it.

BTW, don't pay attention to the bag of soil, that was used to fill back in the hole!  :-)

Will keep you updated on my lawn!

Stay powered up!


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