UPDATE: Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro External Battery and Car adapter

Coming Soon! We'll be introducing out External battery and Car adapters for the New Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro laptop/tablet!

Update Nov 9, 2014:
The New Yoga 3 Pro uses a different USB/power combo setup with a third wire power up sensor. It will not be a simple cable.
Write us or Google+ vote or let us know if you are interested in comments below!

Update Feb 28, 2015:
We have tested our 34.2AH battery to last a little over 8 hours keeping internal battery of the Yoga 3 Pro topped off at 100%.  Our larger battery ran for over 11 hours while also keeping internal battery of the Yoga 3 Pro topped off at 100%.
We happy to announce pre-orders before Monday.  Keep checking this space for Pre-order availability.
Please help us spread the word!

Update Mar 1, 2015:
We are proud to announce pre-order of Car adapters and Batteries for the Yoga 3 Pro.

Please go
here to pre-order.
Please use discount code “yogadiscount” for 10.00 off!

Please keep check back here for latest news and updates as supplies are limited (Lenovo seems to still be quite slow in getting the adapters out).

Update April 11, 2015:
We are final testing of our Batteries and Car adapters for the Yoga 3 Pro.
We wish to thank those who have pre-ordered!
Don't forget to use discount code "yogadiscount" upon checkout!

Update April 19, 2015:
"Houston, we have a problem..."

Hello.  We wanted to keep you all in the loop with latest developments.
During final testing, we found that the 3rd version of our DC board still burns out the circuitry of the Yoga.  The Yoga 3 Pro as you know is 20v but it shares the same USB port for your usual peripherals.  Normally USB is 5v, but there are extra pins within the USB port that tells the AC adapter to step up the voltage from 5v to 20v.  You cannot simply put in 20v.  There is an handshake that is happening that we're not sure of (again).

We had it working in our second Yoga 3 Pro computer, and we've testing it with full discharges and videos running 24/7.  What we didn't put into account of was that when we blew our first Yoga during our testing, but we repaired it.  We were using a repaired Yoga for our testing with our batteries and Car adapters.  All was fine.  But we didn't realize that by repairing it, we introduced a different variable into our testing.
As one of our final tests, we decided to purchase another NEW Yoga to make sure.  And that unveiled our problems.  At least its better we burned our Yoga's instead of yours! And of course, Lenovo is not going to give us their design specs!

We're into our 4th burned up Yoga 3 Pro.  At this time, we will contact all who have pre-ordered and give you options to wait longer or refund.  We're sorry for this.

Please keep eye on this space.  Email or post questions comments you may have.  And oh by the way, Anyone have an Yoga 3 Pro that you might want for us to test with?  We can't guarantee it won't get burned up though!  :-)


Update May 10, 2015

Hello.  We put the Yogo 3 Pro on hold while we got our new Macbook USB-C and since it's an open standard, we did some research on also providing power to the Macbooks as well.

We learned a lot from reading the technical specs of the USB-C standard.  As we were reading the technical specs for the USB-C, we came to the realization that Lenovo who's USB like port is doing something similar.  They are probably using an Power control circuit.  Short answer to a longer story, it'll require more investment that we're willing to put into this because Lenovo is using some propriety standard.  Also, it also seems the AC adapters with the specialized cable is hard to come by.  We are waiting over a month to get our order from Lenovo!  It's interesting that the AC adapters are in short supply.

 We thought about put this project on kickstarter or Indigogo so we can get the funding we need.  What do you think?  comment below and let us know!  If response does not seem positive, we'll be issuing refunds for orders placed.

Thank you!


UPDATE May 28, 2015.
We are sorry to say that we are canceling this project.  No further feedback was received regarding our latest status and updates.

All pre-orders have been or will be refunded.  Thanks for your support.

UPDATE Nov 11, 2015.
We're finally happy to announce pre-order of yoga Batteries and car adapters!

Please use discount Code: yogadiscount for 5% discount!

Update Nov 18, 2015.



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