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Apple TV Siri in Car, RV, Truck, Boat

  • Apple TV Siri in Car, RV, Truck, Boat
  • Apple TV Siri in Car, RV, Truck, Boat
NEW 4th Gen(Siri) Apple TV on DC power.

Enjoy longer run times with our Mikegyver AppleTV straight from a DC source without using inverters while you are in the Car, RV, Van, Boat, or simply off the grid!
Simply plug in the modified AppleTV into our cigarette plug and enjoy! It will come with regulated 12vdc car adapter.

Regulated Car adapter:
Input: 12-24vdc
Output: 12vdc
Note: Can
not be run from 5vdc or USB source.

Options upon checkout:
1) We send you complete ready to go unit.
2) User supplied: You send us your AppleTV for us to mod

Built to order in the USA, may be additional 1-2 weeks to build. Some models maybe backordered as well.

Note: This modification will VOID your existing Apple Warranty. There is a one year warranty on our modification ONLY but it does NOT cover your Apple product even if it was caused by our modification or misuse by user. No EXCEPTIONS! If our conversion was faulty we will replace bad parts within 1 year. If there is NOTHING wrong with our conversation, we will send back your Apple product AS-IS. We can provide a supplemental Apple Warranty coverage with the purchase of the Modified Apple Product for an additional f


Apple TV


Apple TV Siri in Car, RV, Truck, Boat


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