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Dell Venue 52.8AH External Battery

  • Dell Venue 52.8AH External Battery
  • Dell Venue 52.8AH External Battery

195WH Ultra High Capacity External Battery for Dell Tablets

NEW! In Stock!

Product Features:
- Comes with Fast Charge Dell power cable - Mikegyver Exclusive!
- Ultra High capacity of 52800mAh, 4 to 8 times the life of your Dell**, we're talking days instead of hours now!
- Multi-voltage: 9V, 12V, 16V, 19V, 20V. We know what you want, most of you don't just have a Dell anymore, you have other devices such as the MacBooks. This will work with it too!
- Dual USB output quick charge. Charge two iPad's at the same time!
- Stylish design; Perfect Laptop/Tablet mate for long plane flights, road trips.
- Multiple safety protection system to ensure safety
- One button simple operation
- The smart LCD displays remaining power and output voltage
- 20vdc AC Battery charger
- Accessories: 10 connectors for phones and other devices plus Alligator clips to charge your car battery!

- Battery Type: Li-ion Battery
- Capacity: 52800mAh
- Input: DC 15-24V/2A
- Output: DC 9V/12V/16V/19V/20V 4A(Max)
- Dual USB 5v, 3A (total across both ports)
- Dimension: 214.7*80.4*56.5mm
- Weight: 2.85lbs.

** Actual life depends on a lot of factors including model.
***Due to shipping of Battery restrictions to overseas, we cannot be responsible for any delivery problems if your shipment is held at customs.


Dell Venue Ultimate External Battery


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