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"The Boss" 24AH External Battery

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NEW! In Stock!

24AH "The Boss" Compact universal External Battery.

About 4 to 5 more hours!
Get extra work done! While small, it'll have enough power to get you by for about a half day. Ideal for the professional who needs to get more work done on the road.
It has enough power to buy you hours, just so you can finish up and email off that important document, maybe play a game, and maybe even catch a Movie afterwards! Capable of charging two devices at one time; your iPhone and your Surface Pro 4!

Product Features:
- While AH is lower then our competitors, recent testing shows our battery lasts 24 minutes longer than the 26,000mah elsewhere!
- Works with the new Surface 3 (USB charge).
- Optional: Choose from Genuine Cables (not cheap Chinese Clones) for Surface Pro 3,4,Book, Macbook, Dell, and Yoga!
- Ultra High capacity of 24000mAh
Multi-voltage: 12V, 16V, 19V. We know what you want, most of you don't just have a MacBooks anymore, you have other devices such as the Microsoft Surface tablet (cable sold separately). This will work with it too!
- One USB output quick charge port.
- Approx. 4-5 additional hours.
- Stylish design; Perfect Laptop/Tablet mate for long plane flights, road trips.
- Multiple safety protection system to ensure safety
- One button simple operation and power selection switch.
- The LED displays remaining power and output voltage
- 20vdc AC Battery charger
- Comes with 10 laptop & phone connectors; it can be used for most laptops and smartphones and other non specialized devices.

- Battery Type: Li-po Battery
- Capacity: 24000mAh
- Input: DC 15-24V/2A
- Output: DC 12V/16V/19V 2A(Max)
- One USB 5v, 2.0A
- Dimension:
- Weight: ~1.37 lbs
- 1 year Warranty


"The Boss" 24AH Battery


"The Boss" 24AH External Battery


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