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Genuine Microsoft Surface Pro 3,4,Book adapter with Car adapter Kit

  • Genuine Microsoft Surface Pro 3,4,Book adapter with Car adapter Kit
SALE Only here!
Genuine Microsoft Surface Pro 3,4,Book adapter with built in USB port and compact car adapter. This adapter kit can charge your Surface Tablet in the car and Home. Simply plug in the magnetic cable to whichever adapter you need.
It is compatible with our external Batteries should you wish to upgrade to an external battery later!

Product Features
100% Genuine Microsoft cable converted here in USA. Not Chinese clones.
- Compatible with All Microsoft Surface Tablets.
- Modified Microsoft Surface Pro Adapter with AC cable (not pictured).
- DC car adapter input: 12-24vdc 8A. output: 43w, 12v 3.6a or input:12-15vdc 8A. output: 15v,4a, 48w
- Modified Surface Pro Magnetic Cable.
- Magnetic Cable compatible with external batteries with 5.5x2.5mm barrel tip.
- 2 year warranty

Please note: This will work with the Surface Book i7 or Surface 4. Please choose
48w upon checkout.
Consider tour
Lind line of adapters if you are in a professional field.

A few options when choosing this order:
You just buy the Microsoft adapter and DC car adapter straight out (
No exchange).
Exchange option (Trade):
1) You order conversion process.
2) We send you ONE Microsoft power adapter and ONE Car adapter with a converted magnetic plug.
3) You send back your old unmodified genuine Microsoft power adapter (no copy or imitation adapters) with Magnetic connector (As New working condition) and we refund $90.00 retainer.
User supplied option:
You send us your Microsoft adapter first, then we send back your converted Microsoft adapter and the DC car adapter. If Used, we may not issue refund.

This is NOT a battery.
User supplied options are typically 1-1.5 week to convert yours.
*Surface Car adapter not for empower Airline use.


Genuine Microsoft Surface adapter with Car adapter Kit


Genuine Microsoft Surface Pro 3,4,Book adapter with Car adapter Kit


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