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Mikegyver 6ft USB-C Cable

  • Mikegyver 6ft USB-C Cable
Mikegyver Exclusive USB-C cable

Mikegyver USB-C cable to be used with our external batteries and car adapters to charge your Macbook USB-C!

Charge your Macbook USB-C at full rate; the same speed as the Apple adapter! These are not the lower power cables found elsewhere!

Please note: USB-C only for Macbook 2015 model. For 2016 models, please see our Macbook 12" USB-C car adapters. Very important that voltage is set to ~14v from power source. For 2016 Models, please see our blog page on our USB-C solution!

5.5x2.5mm to USB-C
6' length


M Barrel - M 6ft USB-C


Mikegyver 6ft USB-C Cable


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