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80w Solar Panel with External Battery

  • 80w Solar Panel with External Battery
  • 80w Solar Panel with External Battery
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The Mikegyver 80w Solar Panel for all your devices.

Amazing Bundle! Get the 80w solar panel, and Choose your battery size to go with it and for
Limited time we are throwing in a FREE car adapter*

Our Mikegyver Solar Panels are easy to carry and lightweight. Enjoy the great out doors whether you are doing for a living for simply off the grid. You can enjoy your computer or your devices anywhere without the need to be tethered to a power outlet. As long as the Sun is out and even with moderate cloudy days, you'll be just fine! It's light and easy to carry. When folded it's no thicker then a small notebook and easy to carry like a small briefcase because it has it's own handle!
It also has a small pouch on the side to carry cable accessories or any other small devices. It's also rainproof so that you need not worry about a passing rain shower.

Choice of two output cables, one 12 meters long so that you can position your Solar Panels outside in the sun while your computers and equipment is safely stored inside the tent. Of course, the 3 meter length is just long enough for those who prefer to work right next to their Solar Panels.

Choose from any of our external batteries bundled with this package. Our most popular battery, "The Executive" 34.2AH battery, can be recharged from the solar panel in about 8 hours. When night time rolls around, you've stored enough of the sun's power during the day to keep you going through the night.

With our Mikegyver Solar Panels, Batteries, and Car adapters in this bundle, you'll be sure the spend more time out of the office, and totally off the grid without the worry of having no power. Doesn't matter if your a Macbook, Surface, Dell, or Yoga, you'll get plenty of work done.

80W Mikegyver Foldable Solar Panel
Opened: 45inx16.9inx 0.22in(thinest)
Folded: 11.5x16.9x1.16(thickest) 0.91in(thinest)

Optional output cables:
12 meters and 3 meters.

You will be required to choose your battery size upon checkout.
See our battery specifications from

You will also be required to choose your device upon checkout:

*Macbook and Surface only.


Solar Panel with Battery


80w Solar Panel with External Battery


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