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Mikegyver 24v Lind Car Adapter & Apple Adapter Kit

  • Mikegyver 24v Lind Car Adapter & Apple Adapter Kit
  • Mikegyver 24v Lind Car Adapter & Apple Adapter Kit

Our Lind Mikegyver Travel kit works with 24vdc inputs such as Wheelchairs and Trucks.

Because it's a MagSafe Adapter, you'll continue to enjoy MagSafe convenience just as you're already enjoying at home or work. The magnetic DC plug both ensures a tight connection and enables a clean break from the power port if there is undue tension - preventing your MacBook from being pulled off of your tray table if someone accidentally yanks the cord. -Apple Computer

The Mikegyver Travel Kit includes the Apple Adapter and car/ DC adapter with genuine Apple magsafe connector.
Important Note:
1) It WILL charge your MacBooks while from your wheelchair or 24vdc system.
2) It IS compatible with automobile power ports
3) You will maintain FULL functionality of your Apple adapter & DC adapter
4) Users will be able to use optional accessories such as external Batteries

Input Voltage:
12 - 32 Vdc 24 28 24VDC 28VDC
Output Voltage:
16 Vdc
Output Current:
4.5 amps (max)
2.5 x 5.5mm
Automotive Input Cable Length:
36 Inches
Airline Input Cable Length:
Output Cable Length:
36 Inches
8 amps
5.0 x 2.4 x 1.25 in
11 ounces
3 years

A few options when choosing this order:
You just buy our Apple adapter and DC car/Airline adapter straight out (No exchange).
Exchange option:
1) You order conversion process.
2) We send you ONE Apple power adapter and ONE Car/Airline adapter with a converted plug with magsafe
3) You send back your old unmodified genuine Apple power adapter (no copy or imitation Apple adapters) with magsafe connector (As New working condition) and we refund $90.00 retainer.
User supplied option:
You send us your Apple adapter first, then we send back your converted Apple adapter and the DC car/Airline adapter.


Mikegyver 24v Lind Car Adapter & Apple Adapter Kit


Mikegyver 24v Lind Car Adapter & Apple Adapter Kit


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