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Mikegyver 34.2Ah Macbook (Pro/Air) External Battery & Car Adapter

  • Mikegyver 34.2Ah Macbook (Pro/Air) External Battery & Car Adapter
  • Mikegyver 34.2Ah Macbook (Pro/Air) External Battery & Car Adapter
  • Mikegyver 34.2Ah Macbook (Pro/Air) External Battery & Car Adapter

Product Features

- Available Genuine Magsafe cable for Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro External battery and car adapter
- Huge Capacity, 119wH, 34200mAh. 2 to 4 times the life of your Macbook- Add 11-12 full charges to iPhone 5 / 4S, 7-8 full charges to Samsung S3, 2-3 full charge for iPad / iPad 2.
- Multiple output voltages: One 5V,2.1A USB output port, One 5v,1A USB output port, one 9V, 12V, 16V, 19V, 20V,3.5A(switchable) port. Design for charging laptops, phones, tablets and other digital devices. We know what you want, most of you don't just have a MacBooks anymore, you have other devices such as the Microsoft Surface tablet.-- This will work with it too!
- Comes with 10 laptop connectors, it can be used for most laptops, smartphones and other devices.
- Brand New Li-po battery cell ensures reliability, safety; Multiple safety protection mechanisms: protection against overcharge, overload, over-voltage, over-current, and short circuit.
- Stylish design; Perfect Laptop/Tablet mate for long plane flights, road trips. Package includes: 34200mah Battery/ 10 connectors for most laptops/ 10 connectors for phones and other devices.
- AC charge Adapter:110-220vac input, 20V,2A output.
- Genuine Apple Adapter.
- DC Car adapter with USB port.
- Gender changer cable so you can charge your External battery with Car adapter from car.
- DC power wire.
Size (LWH): 7.28x1.02x4.92in
Weight: ~1.81 pounds
1 Year Warranty

* Actual life depends on a lot of factors including Macbook model. More info here.
** 100% Genuine Microsoft Magnetic cable sold separately.
Note: Due to shipping of Battery restrictions to overseas, we cannot be responsible for any delivery problems if your shipment is held at customs.

A few options when choosing this order (available for Magsafe only):
You just buy our Apple adapter and Battery straight out (No exchange).
Exchange option (Trade):
1) You order conversion process.
2) We send you ONE Apple power adapter and ONE Car/Airline adapter with a converted plug with magsafe
3) You send back your old unmodified genuine Apple power adapter (no copy or imitation Apple adapters) with magsafe connector (As New working condition) and we refund $60.00.
User supplied option:
You send us your Apple adapter first, then we send back your converted Apple adapter and the DC car/Airline adapter.


34.2AH Macbook External Battery & Car Adapter


Mikegyver 34.2Ah Macbook (Pro/Air) External Battery & Car Adapter


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